Zia Choudhary MP Candidate for Conservative Party of Canada from Toronto-Danforth Riding.


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Meet Zia Choudhary

MP Candidate for Conservative Party of Canada from Toronto-Danforth Riding.

Working for the people and driven by a passion to strive for a long awaited change in


A Rotarian, Realtor and an IT expert by profession, Zia initially migrated to Canada with his wife and two kids. He had a dream of being a part of this very diverse yet unified society and wished to be an active contributor to an environment conducive to equal opportunities for all.

Zia holds an MBA in Technology Management and has over thirty years of experience in the corporate sector. He has served in prominent positions as manufacturing, marketing and Group IT head in the Plastic, Leather and Auto industry.

Zia has been associated with Toronto-Danforth community for the past 6 plus years.

A local volunteer and an advocate of the small business sector, he believes that the small business sector is the prime contributor to the nation’s economy and is the backbone of a thriving workforce.

Zia feels that there is a need for a strong representation in the Federal Government to ensure an active federal participation in affordable housing and transportation. He not running for a position of power but for a position to empower.

Toronto-Danforth community needs a voice that is collective and diverse and a voice that will have the courage to express its issues.

Zia envisions a strong and a safe community centered towards youth empowerment and education with a focus on easy access to employment opportunities, healthcare and aid for senior citizens.

He also believes in a fair and lawful immigration system for people in need and aims to work for lowering taxes for families He intends to take formidable steps to alleviate poverty in the Community.